The chemical element of atomic number 12 is the lightest structural silver-white metal of the alkaline earth series and the 8th most abundant element on earth. It is used to make strong lightweight alloys. Applications for investment cast magnesium include but are not limited to aerospace, transportation (air, sea and land), computer, communication and consumer products. Due to its widespread natural occurrence and the way it is harvested and processed, magnesium is considered the most eco-friendly and sustainable metal in the world. Magnesium can be 100% recycled.

We currently cast extremely lightweight alloys, AZ91E, Elektron 21, AlBeCast, AM60b, and Super Mag (WE54).

AZ91E is a general-purpose magnesium alloy that may be used in aerospace casting applications particularly where there is no high temperature requirements or a requirement for pressure tightness.

Elektron 21 is a rare earth magnesium alloy, can be used in environments where the temperatures reach up to 200 °C. It is a high-performance alloy for motorsport as well as aerospace applications that has somewhat better corrosion resistance.

We also have the ability to supply another very unusual, extremely lightweight, high stiffness alloy AlBeCast. We are currently working with Materion Corporation combining our resources to produce close tolerance investment casting for high demand aerospace applications.

However, we would gladly quote other alloys upon request.

Benefits of using magnesium beyond the low density include:

  • EMI shielding electromagnetic interference
  • Dampening/vibration elimination
  • High strength to weight ratio


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